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Wasson Engineering Plastics moulding has been an active engineering company since 1953. The company was started by George Wasson in his back yard and was soon joined by his son Mick Wasson. Eventually 3 other sons joined the company who all still work in the company today.

Mick Wasson, John Wasson, Lance Wasson and Max Wasson are still very active in the business.

Over the years the company has expanded by purchasing other business which include the Mantova range of shelves and Dynafurn for cafe chairs and a select range of ergonomic chair back sets.

The Wasson group of companies trade on ethics, decency and good old fashioned hard work. The company has been established for nearly 60 years.

The company now has a management team to assist and support the growth of the company and to promote new technology including Robotics, Automation and Metal Replacement Technology.