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Wasson Engineering Plastics is an Australian Owned Family Business that has been established since 1953. Wasson Engineering Plastics is able to offer a large range of Services and has a large range of Products. The services range from contract moulding to full project design and implementation. The Wasson owned products range from Cafe furniture including the famous "Cello" chair to Boat trailerguards and Boat trailer rollers.


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Injection Moulding services

Wasson has a range of machines which range from 2500 ton to 40 ton and every size in between that.There are more details in the services section. We have a good and successful history of managing projects for customers from the idea stage to the finished product stage. Our factory is set up to accomadate short runs as well as long term, high volume runs.


Over the years Wasson Plastic moulding company has had a strong exposure to the boating and cafe/office furniture industries. It is through this exposure that we have developed a range of great products which are successfully competing with overseas imported products. For a full range of our products see the Products pages


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